ZG's First Anniversary: One Year Defying The Laws Of Physics!

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Posted by Madmaus Madmaus

Ah... Where do I begin? It's been one year, one f.cking year  (yay we've made it we’re still alive xD)  

It's been one year since the reborn of this team, and everything happened so damn fast that i couldn't even imagined myself that we could even go this far!

This team started as a little idea i had after several people told me about the potential this team could have as an official clan, then i just simply went with the idea, so it was settled, this team would be now known as one of the best official clans out there in the MTA racing scene...  We started with 50 people (with 99.999% most of them random people from FFS)    so we've started a total wipeout in the roster, we started from scratch and we began our big recruitment period, to look for new staff for the team.

I've met new people in the racing scene, with good potential, whom as skilled racers i see now a days, and i'm really surprised of how much skill they've gained with the time, and I'm totally proud of them...

I wanted to create a team with totally new people, racers that no other racer have ever seen before, and maybe that was the reason of why winning was a bit harder for us than a normal racing clan, but that didn't stop us!  We've made it through this year with good, very good and also bad moments, and i feel grateful with all of you guys for giving me this strengh to keep testing myself as a leader, and I will keep doing my best to make this team one of the best clans ever in MTA history!!

I really thought that i would never do it well being me as the main leader, and i learn new things everyday, things that i wouldn't learn as just a random member of a random clan, we'll see how much time we can make it through this journey, and I'm really proud of the things we've all made for this team.

I will hold on to my promise, keeping the shit in control for this team, to keep growing and getting stronger all together, as we all are most new ones in the racing scene, i'm sure it will be interesting this oncoming years... As long as we keep being united, strong and keep the training on, we will be stronger with the time, i'm sure of it!!!  

With no more words, I want to thank you all guys of this lovely team and also to the other racers for supporting xtreme, me and all the fgts that kept this shit alive through all this time, it couldn't be possible without you guys... and idk, let's see what shit awaits for us in the future...  Special thanks to [uDka] racing team for supporting us with their server since the beggining of this project.

Thank you a lot... srsly. See u all in game!

The Maus

As a little extra, i want to share with everyone, some pics of the 'gens' (as I called it) of this crazy year  

ZG 2017: First Generation March - May 2017 (tHoSe cHaTs ThO')

ZG 2017: Second Generation June - November 2017

ZG 2017 - 2018: Third Generation December 2017 - Today